Top 10 Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution Companies in the UK - 2019
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Top 10 Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution Companies in the UK - 2019

The advancements in technology have fundamentally changed the way people live, work, interact, and learn. These changes are so compelling that it is set to redefine the relationships between the state and citizens. The shift in paradigm has enabled European Governments to tap into corridors of productivity and be more connected to their constituents. Primarily, in the UK, post-Brexit a comprehensive transformation would suffice. According to a recent report from Accenture, today there are almost 100 staff-owned mutuals in the UK delivering close to £1.5 billion (about €1.88 billion) worth of public services. Driving these advancements is the rise of GovTech with – new technologies applied to public services architected for local and central governments. In this mix, securing data flow and enabling the frictionless movement of products and services will be a problem for government and public sector in this domain.

To assist CIOs maneuver in the right direction while adopting resilient Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the Govt CIO Outlook’s editorial board has selected the leading Govt and Public Sector Tech solution providers. The companies featured in this edition demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies combined with outstanding customer service.

We present to you the “Top 10 Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution Providers in the UK - 2019.”

    Top Govt and Public Sector Tech Solution Companies

  • Apptio software helps technology and finance leaders make smart decisions as they plan, analyse and optimise technology investments in digital transformation

  • Basis Technology

    Basis Technology

    Provides software solutions for text analytics, information retrieval, digital forensics, and identity resolution in over forty languages

  • CAF Solutions

    CAF Solutions

    Provides solutions that are designed to give a local authority all of the information they need to manage their business rates billing service

  • Civica


    A specialist in business critical software applications, digital solutions and managed services that help teams and organisations around the world to transform the way they work

  • Datrix


    Provides technical expertise and innovation in critical network services, unified communications, cybersecurity, managed services and support, and enterprise cloud solutions

  • GGP Systems

    GGP Systems

    Provides GIS and Gazetteer Management Systems to local authorities, emergency services and housing associations

  • Intercity Technology

    Intercity Technology

    Offers innovative technologies in cloud, enterprise mobility, collaboration, security, and managed services

  • Public Sector Software

    Public Sector Software

    Provides councils all over the UK, recently expanding to the USA and Australia, with effective management tools available on the market for asset management, inspections, and maintenance

  • Titania Ltd.

    Titania Ltd.

    Specializes in cybersecurity auditing software to enable organizations to produce expert-level security reports on their networks in the shortest span of time

  • UKCloud


    Deliver better outcomes for UK citizens, by transforming the delivery of IT through innovative and trusted cloud solutions