PDV: Digitalizing Administration through Enterprise Content Management

PDV: Digitalizing Administration through Enterprise Content Management

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Dirk Nerling, Co-Partner & CEO, PDVDirk Nerling, Co-Partner & CEO
Governments around the world have an inherent administrative responsibility toward their citizens, and therefore, endorse applications that digitalize and overhaul their content management strategies for effective governance. As a result, electronic file management that facilitates process control and interdepartmental collaboration is crucial for organizations in the public, federal, and municipal sectors. Consider the partnership between a large German Federal State and PDV, involving the digitalization of administrative record management. Quite recently, this State kick-started a journey toward digitalization by floating tenders and analyzing various solution providers capable of catalyzing their efforts. During the same time period, PDV—an enterprise content management (ECM) specialist—emerged as a pioneer in the industry with its VIS-Suite platform. Recognizing the capabilities of this platform, the State adopted the VIS-Suite and it was rebranded as a dedicated version and rolled out to all administrative departments.

Currently, thousands of employees leverage this specialized version of VIS-Suite in the State’s administration to organize electronic files and documents, thereby improving the quality of their workflow, in addition to streamlining governance operations. Consequently, PDV digitally re-modeled the entire cabinet process for the state’s subproject—e-Cabinet—right from the preparation of bills with the respective ministry to various automatic and cross-department co-signings. The company digitalized the filing of the bills with the state chancellery, dispatch of the agenda for pre-conference and operations pertaining to cabinet meetings. Similar to this collaboration, PDV has assisted various bureaucracies in carrying out ‘electronic transaction processing’ and cross-departmental strategic management of the projects.

We focus on providing software that is not only powerful but also easy to use

PDV is renowned as one of the most promising ECM solution providers in Germany, largely due to its proficiency in simplifying the coordination between the IT systems and administrative efforts. The company extends the functionalities of the VIS-Suite for general administration, judicial systems, municipalities, media organizations and churches for implementation of electronic administrative operations. Furthermore, PDV provides a wide range of implementation solutions—such as the d.KNOW360— designed for a secure and user-friendly administrative system environment. PDV in its sequent phases assists their clients in project management operations right from change management to successful rollouts. “We focus on providing software that is not only powerful but also easy to use,” adds Dirk Nerling, CEO & Co-partner of PDV.

The PDV team believes that the client interactions leading to informed decisions are vital in terms of product development. Thus, in its 29-year history, the company has perfected the art of digitization of highly specific, sector-oriented processes that go beyond administrative levels of an organization. Today, more than 80,000 employees in public administration sector utilize PDV’s offerings. In recent years, PDV was also honored with the Platinum Award for their e-filing solution three times in a row.

As a leading force in innovation, PDV is striving to automate administrative processes without any possible media disruptions. The company aims to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and introduce newer, advanced feature sets to enhance itsplatform. The firm has also added a new member to the VIS-suite—an intelligent scanning software— to improve the quality of the scanning process in an automated manner while also eliminating the repetitive tasks in the process. The scanning software integrates with electronic file systems for seamless sharing of data. Further, to integrate the world’s latest information technology trends into tangible management, PDV plans to continue utilizing the capabilities of AI and co-operate with partners. These strides effectively catalyze PDV’s efforts of developing a state-of-the-art content management platform for the administrative sector.